Start Strong 

An MS diagnosis is scary. Your head is spinning and you have more questions than answers.  This is not the time to turn to Google! That will just confuse you. Turn to us first. . .  

Informed patients make better decisions.  Doctors can’t give you enough time to answer all your questions, so they send their patients to TurnFirst after breaking the news.  Through our “MS 101” we walk you through the learning curve to give you reliable, unbiased answers and information. Our hope is that by coming here, you will be better prepared to take on the physical and emotional challenges of MS, advocate for yourself, and set a course to lead a fulfilling and productive life.  Once you've spent time with us you will be able to work with your medical team more effectively to fight MS.

Our unique partnership of top MS specialists and patients provides a single, trusted resource for learning about and living with MS.  We are dedicated to assisting the 10,000-20,000+ people who face a new diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) each year by providing:

  • Accurate information and resources tailored to the needs of new patients. They learn the medical facts about MS, including how to work with their doctors and the available treatment options. They also get practical guidance on living and working with MS. We are developing more information to help patients learn more about diet, exercise, travel, getting support, and numerous resources to help them cope with their MS challenges.
  • Links to the best online resources.  There is a lot of information on the web—it ranges from good to outdated to just plain dangerous.  We’ve searched the web for good information and direct patients to the best of it has to offer.  This approach also gives patients a sense of the other organizations and resources available to them.
  • An online community to give news, hope and encouragement.  The early stages of MS can make us feel very alone.  To alleviate the fear and isolation, we have built an international community on Facebook of over 25,000 (and growing) people.  We use this forum to share the latest news, research reports, resource links, and inspirational stories.

You can trust us.  Our foundation is privately funded by individuals who care and want to see you get off to a strong start in your fight against MS.  We don’t accept money from pharmaceutical companies or other entities that have a commercial stake in MS treatment.