With MS, treatments affect either the disease itself (“disease modifying”) or the symptoms (“symptomatic”.) The discussion below covers both areas. It is important to Evaluate Your Options on both levels. Typically, your neurologist will want to see you every six MORE
Understand the basics about each option. The drug choices are not simply interchangeable.  Each one has its own variables, so work with your doctor to understand the basics of each option before you make a decision.  Your doctor may strongly recommend MORE
Science says “Start early.” Research has shown that the earlier you begin treatment the better (For example, see news article). Maybe you’re feeling really good right now and you’re thinking that starting on a medication seems unnecessary.  Think again.  Not MORE
MS symptoms vary from person to person. Sometimes they are minor and/or invisible; other times they can affect day-to-day activities. They can also indicate other problems, so always check with a doctor about any problems or discomfort you may be MORE
Trying something new.  When companies are developing a new or “experimental” drug they have to run “clinical trials” to test how effective and safe the drug is for patients. The primary reasons to consider participating is to gain access to MORE
In the past 20 years, patients have more pro-actively explored healing options from other cultures and traditions that are outside the mainstream medical protocol.  A whole industry of “complementary” or “alternative” medical and non-medical health providers has developed to meet MORE