Take a deep breath.  You can handle this.  You have some time to get organized. So give yourself some time to absorb the news. It's a blow and you have a lot of fears and questions. We've been there and know how MORE
This is the beginning of an ongoing learning process. When your doctor gave you the news, you may have been too shocked and unprepared to ask many questions—or even really understand the answers to the ones you did ask.  It’s MORE
One of the first decisions you will make about your MS is who you will tell about your diagnosis. This is big news and you shouldn’t have to go it alone.  Sharing your news will be important to coping with your MORE
Not every question on your list is for your doctor to answer.  For some questions, like “Why me?” you will want a spiritual advisor or other counselor.  It can be helpful to organize your list in different ways to help MORE
What to Expect from Your Visits The neurologist will take your history since your last visit and ask you about symptoms and concerns you might have.  This is the time to err on the side of giving “too much information.”  MORE
Make time now to pull together the personal and medical support you need to treat MS and help you on this new path.  By putting together a great team, you will ensure that your strategy will meet your needs.  You owe MORE
You are ready to dig deeper.  Now that you’ve gotten organized, learned the basics, and put your team together you can start to dig deeper. Start a file.  Gather information as you go so you can refer back to it as MORE