TurnFirst strives to give you the best of the web for MS support and information.  Below you will find links to organizations you can trust.  (Just click on the orange names to go to a site.)

Connect with Others 

You do not have to go through a diagnosis alone.  Touch base with one of these groups to get the support you want right now.

MS Lifelines -- MSLife lines provides 24/7 hotline support (USA).  You can call them any time to ask questions and get help.  So don't be shy.  They're good at this.

This MS Life -- This site will help you connect with an "MS mentor". If you are newly diagnosed, a caregiver, family, friend or even a 'seasoned' MSer looking for 1–on–1 connection, they can help. Through their matching process, they are able to connect you with someone who is all to familiar with Multiple Sclerosis.  Their goal is to not only match you with a similar story or diagnosis, but someone that has similar interests and backgrounds as well.  This connection is all about you, so whether it's tons of questions, or just to bend an ear, they're here for you.  

"We're passionate about not letting anyone go through MS alone."
 -- This MS Life

Apply for Financial Support

MS HOPE Foundation provides financial assistance for MS-related expenses such as treatments, doctor visits, assistive devices, and transportation. To get more information, visit www.getmshelp.org or call (424) 646-3867. 

Get Involved with Raising Money for a Cure

These three organizations are the main associations that support the national MS community through fundraising and research grants.  They have lots of good information on their sites as well as offering ways to get involved in their many chapters and events.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Multiple Sclerosis Society of America

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Dig Deeper into the Science and Research

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke